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Creating is a form of meditation that keeps me in a state of active reception to whatever is going on around me and happening inside of me as I work. I strive for a balance between the opposing natures of rational thought and the pure colors of emotional insight.

I use color to express moods and I am influenced by what I have seen on my morning walks or dreamt of the night before. My shapes are like thoughts and the colors are like emotions which overlap in a dance of layers during my creative play on the paper.

My primary medium is monotype printmaking, a hand-pulled, one of a kind work on paper. I also add drawing and chine colle at times. I cut my own stencils, which seem to grow into the shapes that they want to be. The organic, repeated, sinuous lines of Art Nouveau have influenced my work.

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Studio News-new work-LA Printers Fair

Paper Dawn, Kathleen Thoma, monotype-painting on paper 11x14 in

©2016 all rights reserved, Paper Spring, Kathleen Thoma, Monotype & chene colle, 11×14

I’ve been very busy in my studio these past months, creating a series of new works for my portfolio-nature on my website. I have also been busy exhibiting in a few shows, and preparing for the 2016 LA Printers Fair, which is a blast. Last year I had so much fun seeing everyone else’s work that I almost forgot my own table. This year I will be at table A-2, which is inside the building, out of the sun.

The LA Printers Fair is a wonderful. This year it is on Oct. 1, 2016 from 10am to 5pm in Carson, CA. Whether you are any kind of creative person or someone who is simply interested in any of the following: old mechanical printing presses, book arts, history, Letterpress, printmaking papers, cards of all kinds, posters, demonstrations, stuff to keep your kids amused, graphic design, artist prints, screen printed shirts, papermaking. (I have the link at the end of the page. They have a video of the past Fair so you can see how it is.)

Lavish Flora, Kathleen Thoma, monotype, 11x14

©2016 all rights reserved, Lavish Flora, Kathleen Thoma, monotype & chene colle, 11x 14 in

My new works, inspired by nature will be featured in postcard images, which will be offered in packages. My printmaking methods of monotype, meaning “one print” are priced too high for an event such as this, so once a year I come here, have fun and share my artwork in a different format.

See you at the Fair perhaps, and take a look at the links if you like. See a video of last years Fair at www.printmuseum.org/fair.

Exploring “Monotprint-Monotype”

What follows here is an interview with artist Donald Kolberg. I first discovered the on-line publication “Monoprint-Monotype” after the publisher, Donald Kolberg contacted me a few months ago to ask about having me as a featured artist.  I hope you will take a look at the latest issue (and my pages)  at  https://issuu.com/dskolberg/docs/monofall2016 After speaking […]


The Many Levels of Creative Exploration & Expressive Arts

If anyone had asked me back in art school if creating art was a healing thing to do, I would have said “well, yeah, duh”, because making art was only thing keeping me sane for most of my life. Since childhood, art was my escape from family issues, and since I hated school, it was […]


Showing at the LA Printers Fair 2015

On October 3, I enjoyed participating in the “Los Angeles Printers Fair 2015”, at the International Printing Museum in Carson, CA. I was at table 1A, inside the building, for those of you who may have stopped by. The show was a wonderful event, many great vendors, and demostrations. I had a blast and wish […]


What is a Monotype?

What is a Monotype? People often ask me this question, so it seemed to me be a good idea write about it. A monotype is a specific art technique. It doesn’t resemble other traditional printmaking methods such as engraved, relief carved, etching or lithographed prints which can produce exact, repeated copies. “Mono” means one, “Type” […]


Ode to Winter,inspiration

Or how I discovered the Snow Queen. Ode to Winter: I have recently created two fine art monotypes, “Ice Wave”, and “Winters Grace”. They are both a homage to my struggles in learning how to live in a much colder climate than I ever wanted to live in. They are both visual abstract images of […]


Transferring Ink 3 accepts my work

I’m happy to report the acceptance of one of my fine art prints into an exhibit, “Transferring Ink 3”  a printmaking show at the Fallbrook Arts Center in Fallbrook, CA. The show runs from June 29 – August 10, 2014. The Juror for “Transferring Ink 3” is Ron Pokrasso, who has a section of the […]


Studio News-relocation to CA

After more than a year of trials and tribulations, I have relocated my studio, Kathleen Thoma Art, to Orange County, CA. I am very excited about the Irvine Fine Arts Center. They have a printmaking open studio available for artists to use. Last Wednesday, I decided to try it out and I was able to […]


Orange Therapy

Orange!  Peach! I love shades of orange! Why do I love orange today? All I know is that right now, while working on this particular image; orange rules! Why? Orange makes me feel warm, happy, exuberant, communicative, sharing, open and relaxed. But why?  The psychology of color is what I’m writing about here. When I […]


Pushing the Limits of Color

It is fascinating to play with color while exploring new possibilities. There  seems to be no end to the different combinations that are available to us. I particularly enjoy using complementary colors next to each other, which creates drama and excitement by bringing out what is the most vivid in each color. I am always […]