Portfolio – Abstract



Portfolio – Abstract

Infinite Sanctum, Kathleen Thoma, monotype & collage, 11x14 in

Infinite Sanctum, Kathleen Thoma, monotype&collage, 11x14in



In this portfolio, I have a series of abstract patterns and colors found in nature, dreams, fire, and water. Much of their creation happens as I translate the world around me and inside of me into shapes and colors. Before I start to work on preparing a plate for printing, I have created sketches, a color plan, and hand cut stencils. I often change my plans as I work, waiting to see how the image develops and allowing for spontaneous changes, often dumping my beginning plans altogether. It is never a fixed plan anyway. See my blog for a complete demonstration of my process.


Royal Invitations from the 7 Planets

photo of first 4 of series, Invitations from the 7 planets,

Invitations from the 7 planets-first 4 of the series, monotype and collage

 When I heard the news about the discovery of 7 new rocky exoplanets in the constellation of Aquarius, only 40 light years away (235 trillion miles) from earth, I had some fun ideas come into my head. Perhaps I watched too many episodes of Star Trek as a kid. I imagined a visual, symbolic language used in a series of invitations to our planet, inviting us for a visit. Using monotype and collage, I put this series together. Creative inspiration was the main point to me, I wanted to create the language of alien symbols. Was I successful? Well, who is to say? Perhaps someday we will know.