Meditations on Samsara

Meditations on Samsara is a series of monotypes based upon my practice of focus on one symbol in order to quiet the mind. This practice is the basis for this new series of works showing the slowly developing changes in the object of focus. This series of monotypes documents the many other images, which came into my mind during the practice. These other surrounding images are the inspiration for my artwork.

What you can’t see very well in my photography, is the under layer of metallic gold paint which comes through and enters your eye as you look at each image slightly form the side. This dramatically changes the view. In some of the images, this almost makes parts of image disappear. 

This glowing metallic effect is also a way of showing the ever-changing nature of images, which arise from the mind during meditation practice. If you are interested in the practice I use there is information at Dream Yoga

photo of series called Meditations on Samsara

Meditations on Samsara series, monotype with gold paint