Showing at the LA Printers Fair 2015

On October 3, I enjoyed participating in the “Los Angeles Printers Fair 2015”, at the International Printing Museum in Carson, CA. I was at table 1A, inside the building, for those of you who may have stopped by. The show was a wonderful event, many great vendors, and demostrations. I had a blast and wish I could do this show every weekend.

photo of table at LA Printer's fair

My table at the 2015 LA Printer’s Fair

This is part of my greater goal of answering the larger question, which is…

How do I re-create my new and latest studio-nest?

Framed 8x10's ready to go by Kathleen Thoma

Framed 8×10’s ready to go

Many times in my life, I have been forced to move very long distances, both for reasons of choice or by circumstances beyond my control. I have lived in three countries, France, Canada and in six states in the US. I have had plenty of opportunities to learn both flexibility and adaptability. This has always been a challenge, an adventure, and it has also provided support to my creative endeavors. My most recent move from Connecticut to Orange County, CA was a very necessary one, for my husband badly needed a job, and I wanted to return to Southern California.

Wherever I go, I need to create a new studio, which I think of as a “nest” for incubating my venerable young ideas on their way to becoming whatever it is they need to grow into. I think of my studio as a nest because that is where I find myself and create a quiet, creative home for my work.

photo of new press

Here is my new baby, made by Blick, it’s pretty cool.

In the past year, almost two, I have been very busy, rebuilding my relationships in the local area, while rebuilding the business details, such as the financial end of my web site and store. This has been a lot of work, and is still ongoing.

My small press is great. It’s a small intaglio press, so it is able to fit into the space that I have. It can produce up to 11 by 14 in. and maybe a wee bit more.

I have also participated in the on-line event “Print Day in May” which I very much enjoyed, C-Note Cart Affordable Art show at SDAI, two shows in Fallbrook, CA, “Transferring Ink 3”, and the members show, plus a travelling WCA International Conference exhibit.

In the future I will be continuing to meet as many people as I can here and explore all the possibilities, which may come my way. I have new work in my portfolio and will be adding to that as I go along.

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