Statement – Biography

My recent work has been a return to an intersection of dreaming, spirit, and the creative impulse. This means sharing my inner meditations, which emerge during the exploration of dreams, moods, colors and forms, as each image appears. I spend a long time during the creation of each printing plate. I use many layers, stoping and starting again while I listen to what each image calls for as it comes into being. These images are pieces of my many dreams. I share them out of some inner compulsion which all artists experience.

My primary medium of expression is currently monotypes. However I am constantly exploring with collagraph, relief, dry point, chine colle and collage. I cut all of my own stencils by hand, all forms plucked from some unknown source in my head, or from nature’s kind inspiration.



Biography of  Kathleen Thoma

Kathleen Thoma has been a practicing artist since 1983, and a fine art printmaker since 2000. Working mostly with monotypes, she also uses chine colle, collagraph and relief printmaking techniques. She is a member of LAPS, Los Angeles Printmaking Society.

From 2005-2013, she was a founding member of West Cove Studio and Gallery, a printmaking co-operative in West Haven, CT. While at West Cove, she assisted with gallery promotion, printmaking demonstrations, gallery sitting, and open studio events. She also taught expressive art classes in Montreal, New England to adults and children.

Originally from Washington D.C. area, Thoma relocated a number of times until her current location in CA. Her work has been exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions: Montreal, Canada, Boston, MA, Providence,RI, Chicago, Il, West Haven CT, Los Angeles, Laguna Beach, Eagle Rock, CA, Denton, TX, and Venice, Italy.

photo of K. Thoma working in studio

Working in the studio

In 2013, she moved her studio to Orange County, California, where she continues working in her printmaking studio while exhibiting and selling work online.