Statement – Biography

Kathleen Thoma creating a monotype in her studio

Kathleen Thoma working at West Cove Studio while wearing two woolen sweaters because of no heat in January.

Creating is a form of meditation that keeps me in a state of active reception to whatever is happening around me and going on inside me as I work.  I strive for a balance between the opposing natures of rational thought and the pure colors of emotional insight.

I use color to express moods and am influenced by whatever I have seen on my walks or dreamt about the night before. My images actually seem like pieces of dreams. The shapes are thoughts and the colors are feelings that overlap in a dance of layers through my creative play on the paper.

My primary medium is monotype printmaking.  I also make drawings and use chine-colle at times. I cut my own stencils, which seem to grow into the shapes that they want to be. The organic, repeated sinuous lines of Art Nouveau have influenced my work.


Biography of  Kathleen Thoma

photo-Kathleen Thoma

Kathleen Thoma at West Cove Studio during City Wide Open Studios

Kathleen Thoma is an artist currently working with monotypes, painting and drawing. From 2004 to 2013, she was a founding member at West Cove Studio and Gallery, an open, working artist studio, printmaking co-operative in West Haven, Connecticut. While at West Cove, she assisted with gallery promotion, printmaking demonstrations, gallery sitting, and open studio events.

In 2013, she relocated her studio to Orange County, California, where she continues working in her printmaking studio.

Kathleen’s  fine art prints are in private collections in the US and Canada.