Studio News-new work-LA Printers Fair

Paper Dawn, Kathleen Thoma, monotype-painting on paper 11x14 in

©2016 all rights reserved, Paper Spring, Kathleen Thoma, Monotype & chine colle, 11×14

I’ve been very busy in my studio these past months, creating a series of new works for my portfolio-nature on my website. I have also been busy exhibiting in a few shows, and preparing for the 2016 LA Printers Fair, which is a blast. Last year I had so much fun seeing everyone else’s work that I almost forgot my own table. This year I will be at table A-2, which is inside the building, out of the sun.

The LA Printers Fair is a wonderful. This year it is on Oct. 1, 2016 from 10am to 5pm in Carson, CA. Whether you are any kind of creative person or someone who is simply interested in any of the following: old mechanical printing presses, book arts, history, Letterpress, printmaking papers, cards of all kinds, posters, demonstrations, stuff to keep your kids amused, graphic design, artist prints, screen printed shirts, papermaking. (I have the link at the end of the page. They have a video of the past Fair so you can see how it is.)

Lavish Flora, Kathleen Thoma, monotype, 11x14

©2016 all rights reserved, Lavish Flora, Kathleen Thoma, monotype & chine colle, 11x 14 in

My new works, inspired by nature will be featured in postcard images, which will be offered in packages. My printmaking methods of monotype, meaning “one print” are priced too high for an event such as this, so once a year I come here, have fun and share my artwork in a different format.

See you at the Fair perhaps, and take a look at the links if you like. See a video of last years Fair at

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